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    Many people don’t recognize that there is a difference in the way Italian food is consumed. Of course, in Italy, there is only one cuisine which reigns supreme. The French may dispute this claim but the world over, many people feel that Italian food is simply the best there is. Centuries of tried and true recipes have come down through the ages to the modern world with the same lasting flavors, textures and aromas that have satisfied Emperor’s and commoners. Breads, pastas, sauces and desserts with special flavors and unique tastes.

    Everyone talks about being “fresh”. The dictionary defines “fresh” as “(of food) recently made or obtained, not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved”. Seems pretty straightforward but when you take a close look at some restaurants who tout their “fresh” ingredients, you find that “fresh” means something different. Perhaps “freshly prepared” or even “freshly made” meaning the product was just put together, but the ingredients aren’t necessarily fresh. At Terra Mia we use only “fresh” ingredients in our preparations. We believe it is one of the most important factors in satisfying our customers

    To achieve the best results, Terra Mia uses only fresh ingredients in our menu selections. Others talk about fresh but they don’t really live up to the standard that Terra Mia sets. Using the best and freshest ingredients is only one of the important factors in preparing our amazing Italian menu items. Our chefs are from Italy and have many years of experience preparing “fresh” ingredients. In fact, they won’t prepare our food any other way. If it isn’t fresh, they aren’t using it … it’s that simple.

    If you think our dishes are delicious at the restaurant, try them at your next corporate event, wedding, holiday party, or large family picnic! We can cater straight from our fantastic menu or we can custom-make any dish you want … all you have to do is tell us what you want and bip-bop-boom, you’ve got it. Give us a call and let us make your guests mouth’s water like yours does when you dine with us.

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